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Here Is an article I wrote for my blog that I think is worth all your while's and although I haven't been real active lately in this corner of the web I am attempting once again to acquaint myself with this community.  The reason I have kept my distance from the arena is that I received  a bunch of really unnecessarily awful remarks about my creations.  I hold no delusions that my works in anyway are masterful pieces of priceless art but I do love creating and more to the point attempting to communicate with others in new ever changing ways.  Although I have through "my own experiences",  online found that for the most part everyone is simply out here to get theirs and when you don't measure up to their high standards of who they think they have become as an artist,individual and human they simply kick you down and feed you dirt or whatever other awful thing no one really ever deserves.  But even with these sorted dragging feet type comments I still move on with the hope that if there is something in my mind that I attempt to express and this new creation no matter what it is reaches one other person then it was all worth it.  The following again is from my blog and I will give you that address as well not for promotional purposes but to simply make it easier for you or anyone to read what I wrote.  Thank you again for your kindness and strength to remain inspirations to yourself and allthose around you. 

 Ubie Dropout 

Behind The Scenes:

As a human being who has always enjoyed spending a lot of time buried inside the creation process I have always struggled with the fact that as a general rule society does not pay much respect to hobbyist/artists unless you have made it in the million dollar sense of the word. This is why today I decided to create a top ten list of why I believe everyone and their Grandma should be spending some time everyday involved in some kind of creative activity.  I also want to open the door to the reality that being an artist in today's world is not confined in the traditional sense of yesteryear. What we define as creative today has spread out through many different forms as well as careers that you may not think as creative activities but certainly use the same part of the brain. This list started as a diary entry I made in my old school paper notebook.  After noticing that these ideas were flying out of me I decided to share them with anyone who was interested.  Here is the list and if you believe that someone you know would benefit from them please feel free to share this list.  Thank you all for reading and for your consistent participation.  

10 Reasons To Actively Be Creating Ever Day:

(1)  Through the every day creation process and especially when you involve yourself in  many different forms of creating you start using many different aspects of your brain and in return feel more alert, Intelligent and able to take on more activities.  

(2)  By creating and finishing projects that you present to others in a public form you are given the ability to communicate with many individuals in alternative ways in which spoken language can't clearly express on its own.  

(3)  When you create something out of nothing you give birth to something new, a creation that is an aspect of you and the agreement/disagreement you have with the world. The spirit of this is a real energy which has no form and is something no one can ever take away from you. Whether this project is something you are actually paid for in paper energy dollars or its just something you have to do,  the achievement is in itself the sense paid to and by you. 

(4)  It has been said that the best human artist is someone who is able to face the worst kind of failure but no matter how much rejection they may receive are still able to continue through the hard times doing what they love.  The idea here is that in every possible way our lives and our world is all about creation and every activity you are involved in is creative.  Its not about scoring the wining goal or being appreciated although that is a very nice thing.  To me the creation process is more about having a dream that you continue to move forward and then your giving it your all just to see what happens. 

(5)  One thing that you will find in every book ever written about a successful person is that they were busy doing what they loved which was something they would do for free. Therefore if you have an ability that you love doing there is a way to use this talent in a more conventional way which could then bring more energy in the form of money to your current living situation. 

(6)  When creating what you love you will meet and make friends and business associates who are creating similar dreams as you are.

(7)  Whenever you create or struggle with a new idea you wish to bring to a complete formation you will realize what dreams, thoughts and ideas are not benefiting you anymore.  This basic procedure of question, analysis and experiment allows you to continue moving on down the road reaching higher heights and finding the very next best thing.  

(8)  Whenever you are consistently challenging yourself, focusing more and learning new techniques your ability to clearly communicate your dreams to the outside world expands. 

(9)  The more consistently you create the easier it becomes to not hold so tight to what you have made and truly let go of the work you have done.  Instead of defining yourself by what you have created you instead are able to see that your creative activity is simply one tool you use to discover yourself, understand the world around you and communicate with anyone who dares to listen to what you have to say.  

(10)  While expressing yourself in whatever way you choose you always have the ability to reach out and touch other humans in ways you never thought was possible.  Even if you only reach one single person with a certain project the possible impact is beyond words and that in itself is the reason why you create in the first place.  For each project an individual takes part in a more vivid picture of self and community is brought to life.  To me personally the creation process is Hope in progress, it is the spark and that desire to find a connection.  Without this hope and a chosen quest towards an experienced growth I think all would be lost.  

If you enjoyed this article and would like to be reminded about more just like it please feel free to leave your email in the proper form below.  Also feel free to comment here or on any social networks where I post the link to this blog. Thanks again for your participation.



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Ubie Dropout
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Ubie Dropout is a solo musician/producer from Connecticut who is also a major contributor to the experimental/ambient techno label Ubie View Productions. Having a very eclectic taste in music, Ubie Dropout who is known for his diverse EDM tracks has also resided in his share of punk, emo, noise, psychedelic and acoustic groups. Current productions are finding a nice balance between an organic jazzy, funk atmosphere and acid techno/ break beat.

Ubie, a traveling hippy with a laptop has been opening the eyes and ears of electronic music fans to his own brand of surrealist beats since 2001. While his roots can be found in Punk and indie rock, Ubie who found a new enthusiasm for electronic music while going to school In Washington DC is now inspiring fans with his very own soul-tronic manifestations of fatty, farty bass grooves

Ubie Dropout has released two full length CD’s, “The after Effect” in 2007 an experimental journey of ambient techno and “The Learning Process in 2004, which according to Ron Davies of SPlendid Magazine, “could be written off as the stoned after-effects of Beck’s early work”. Ubie Is currently in the studio writing and recording the new tracks for the highly awaited third CD. Ubie Dropout’s most recent projects can be found either on Youtube or soundcloud , so be sure to check in to these web pages to reamain in touch with his new efforts.

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